Cristina Victor 

b. Miami, Florida 



M.F.A. SAN FRANCISCO ART INSTITUTE / 2011 / New Genres //San Francisco, CA 

B.A. SARAH LAWRENCE COLLEGE / 2006 / Latin American History //Bronxville, NY 

A.A. NEW WORLD SCHOOL OF THE ARTS / 2004 / Drawing //Miami, FL 




∙ Artist Spotlight, Bay Area Discovery Museum, Saulsalito, CA (Nov) 

∙ State of the Estuary Conference, Scottish Rite Center, Oakland, CA (Oct) 

∙ LEWD 2, Joy Gallery, San Francisco, CA (October) 

∙ Fuck the Patriarchy, Gas Dot Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (Sept/Oct) 

100 Days Actions Resistance March, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA(June) 

 Foreign Language Magic Word Mother Tongue, SOMArts San Francisco, CA (March/April) 


 Roam Oasis, Miami River Inn Art Basel, Miami, FL (Dec) 

 My Story Is My Flag, project with Oakland International High School & Interface Gallery (May-June) 


 ASS Capital: Reflections of a Contemporary Culo, THIS IS WHAT I WANT Festival, CounterPulse (May-June) 


 Projected Personae, SOMArts, San Francisco, CA (July/Aug)  

 Vexillology Workshop - Flag Stories - SOMArts, San Francisco, CA (May) 


 L.A. Novela Special month-long performance, Thank You For Coming, Los Angeles, CA (Dec)  

 Huele, Oye y Jama, Meridian Gallery, San Francisco, CA (Nov) 


 Sonido Pirata, Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, Sonoma, CA (Sept-Jan)  

 The New Wave, Kadist Foundation, San Francisco, CA (June)  

 Vernissage, San Francisco Art Institute MFA show, Treasure Island, CA (May)  

 TASTE, Root Division, San Francisco, CA (April)  

 This Will Be Your Last, Queen’s Nails Projects performance event, San Francisco, CA (Feb)  

 Society of 23 Prize, Nominee, Swell Gallery San Francisco, CA (Feb) 


 Unruly Subjects, Swell Gallery, San Francisco, CA (Dec)  

 ... Art of the Everyday, Swell Gallery, San Francisco, CA (May)  

 Booty Dancing Contest, Collaboration with VuJaDeLipo Lounge, San Francisco, CA (May)  

 Homemade, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA (May) 


 Performology and Actionization, Swell Gallery, San Francisco, CA (Feb) 

  Collaborate, Swell Gallery, San Francisco, CA (Sep) 



Signal Fire, Portland, OR (Aug 2013) 

L.A. Novela Special, Thank You For Coming – Inaugural Resident Artist, Los Angeles, CA (Dec 2012) 



My Ass On Desire, The C.O.U.P. | Issues 1.2, published June 5, 2016 



Hyperallergic, A Gallery in a Truck Fuels Up on Anti-Patriarchal Art, November 11,2017 

KGPC Interviews: My Story Is My Flag by Katherine Rae Mondo, July 8, 2016 

East Bay Express - Flags as Art and Identity at Oakland International High School / 2016 

Baywatch, Queer Divestment: A Response to This Is What I Want 2015 / 2015 

The Examiner, Desire in Focus at CounterPulse Fest / 2015 

 CulturebotThis is What I Want Festival 2015 / Interview by crystal am nelson / 2015 

 Papermag, Projected Personae show focuses on human body as art medium / 2014 

 LA Weekly, Thank You For Coming / Los Angeles / 2013  

 Thank You For Coming Now Open in Attwater / 2012 

The Sonoma Index Tribune, Causing A Stir / 2011 



NUNS (New Urban Naturalists) led by Sasha Petrenko / 2014  

Remedies, Surabhi Saraf / 2014 

 Because of Him, Maciej Makalowski / 2011 

Border Hamlet, Guillermo Gomez Peña / 2011 


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