As part of the exhibition Circular Motion: Subverting Circumscription at Meridian Gallery curated by Sheeka Arbuthnot I performed an evening in honor of my then recently deceased grandfather, Jorge Victor.
Humble as his existence and departure was, I wanted to mourn him by cooking something he would appreciate and share it even if the audience/guests had little to no connection to the premise. When he passed, I asked my father to send me his record collection. Abuelo had them haphazardly stacked on his couch, knowing very well he would spend his days listening to them, smoking his hundreds and drinking his tall boys, alone.
On November 3rd, with the help of the amazingly devout Meridian Gallery volunteers, we set up tables. One for the cases of beer Lagunitas brewery graciously donated to the event. One for Abuelo's records along with a record player for attendees to engage with and play and a third for the cooking.
I made fresh seafood stew in batches from a hot plate in my pressure cooker.
Served with toasted Cuban bread from my favorite bakery in Los Angeles, Gigi's Bakery in Echo Park.