My Story Is My Flag was an intensive three-week project, facilitated with Interface Gallery and the Oakland International High School community, to create a series of public banner pieces that spoke of the experiences of this uniquely diverse student population’s transient histories. I designed the project to encourage students to speak of their immigrant and everyday experiences through vexillology by using design, research, materials, color theory, storytelling and social media.

As a whole, My Story Is My Flag, sought to make visible the histories and imagined futures of this marginalized yet vital immigrant population and the vibrant school community dedicated to its resilience. While all students worked in groups to design each banner to size as well as their own personal flags, I designed 6 banners of my own and constructed all banners. The project was on display on Telegraph Avenue of the Temescal neighborhood of Oakland from June 14 - July 24, 2016 and later at the Alameda County of Education Building.

Special thanks to: Interface Gallery, Sadie Barnette, Temescal Business Improvement District, all of our donors.

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