• The library grows!

    The library grows!

    Though my life may be crazy hectic right now and it all kind pulls me away from nerding out (which is all I want to do), I still try to find the time to build my rerferences to continue to evolve my learning and understanding about the history of flags. Here are some recent additions to my library. I'm excited to spend time with them once work simmers down. When I shared my excitement about my new purchases with a friend, she mentioned a TedTalk she had recently seen about flag design by Roman Mars. It just so happens the recent purchase I made Good Flag, Bad Flag by Ted Kaye was not only mentioned but used as a reference! This TedTalk was excellent and really delivered the potential power of flags and good flag design. It was also just oh so very comforting to feel a sense of comradery with someone who was fixated on something as random as flags.  I'm enticed to attempt a redesign of San Francisco's flag myself!