• Work in progress: Perpetuo Dance explained.

    Work in progress: Perpetuo Dance explained.

    This is a developing flag story project. By creating these flags with basic cotton fabric and handcut lame and appropriating the graphic logos of Miami night clubs of the eighties (now long closed), I aim to abstractly tell the story of these sites. As I research the history of each club chosen to be featured in this project, I am finding each story to be all the more telling of how the city of Miami's contemporary character has been deeply affected by deco-aesthetics and the continued influx of immigrant and exile populations to the area. 

    The flags I've made thus far are prototypes for larger pieces I would like to be used for a video- dance performance piece by an auxillary team at each site. With funding, I'd like to collaborate with a team and a choreographer to capture footage that would result in a looping video (hence the perpetual dance) and installation of the hand made flags. 

    Dream big right? Some day....but for now, I'll make my retro flags!

    Read some juicy bits about one of the clubs I feature : SUZANNE'S